International Household Goods moving
If you are moving overseas then the household goods items that you take with you will be subject to customs clearance. The exact customs requirements and regulations will vary depending on where you are moving from, where you are moving to and the items that you are taking.

Prohibited Items

Each country will also have a list of prohibited items. For example, pornographic material, anti-Islamic literature, alcohol, arms ammunition is not permitted in moves to Pakistan. In all cases our International Moving Professionals will be on hand to provide guidance.

Assistance with your Customs Forms

Each country/region will have specific household goods moving customs forms that need to be completed.
Customs forms can appear confusing. Our International Moving Professionals will help you through the move and the completion of customs forms.
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Logistic Services

We offers efficient logistic services as logistics and transportation activities have become one of the most critical business functions.

Our professionals are well versed with the latest technology which enables them to meet the requirements of the customers with utmost efficiency.

The logistic services provided by us are economical. Our logistic cell regularly arranges door to door delivery on the specification of the clients.

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