Relocation often requires the shipping of your most valuable possessions – your household goods and sometimes even pets. Moving is much more than just logistics. It is an emotional process and key to a successful relocation

International Household Goods moving
Prime Packers & Movers specializes in international moving. We handle over 100 international moves every year.

At origin: 
Qualified surveyors will meet you at your home, analyze your needs and answer any questions with regards to your upcoming relocation. A binding quote is sent within 48 hours. Once the quote has been confirmed, one of our professional Move Managers will - together with you - carefully plan the move and the required resources. A team of skilful, trained and multilingual packers will pack and load your shipment at the residence. For ecological reasons, reusable packing materials are used and recycled wherever possible. If storage is required, Prime Packers & Movers can handle this too.


The carefully packed items may be transported by air, sea or road. For road shipments, it is our objective to combine several loads for economical as well as ecological reasons.
Transit times will depend on the origin and destination. It could take only a few days or up to 8 weeks for a long distance shipment overseas. Transit times are important when looking at the overall cost of your relocation.

At destination:

Preparation of customs clearance is a key to a successful move. You will be guided by your Move Manager and assisted by the local partner. An experienced team will deliver your belonging to your new home, unload, unpack and remove the debris on the day of delivery. 

Prime Packers & Movers uses innovative IT solutions for the entire process. Our constant focus on quality results in few and low claims. Our trained, experienced and dedicated staff gives you peace of mind and top of that, pro-active communication and clear expectation setting allow for optimal planning and the avoidance of unnecessary temporary accommodation.

More information on Destination Services

Destination Services
Prime Packers & Movers is the leading provider of destination services in Pakistan offering the full range of services to assist people moving to or away from Pakistan. 

With 3 relocation offices throughout Pakistan you can count on Prime Packers & Movers to provide professional relocation services throughout the country.

Our company employs over 30 professional consultants from very diverse backgrounds. Team members constantly develop their skills and expertise through in-house and external trainings. Their "global" expertise and emotional competence coupled with a pro-active approach to addressing transferees concerns contribute largely to the success of the company.  

Through effective expectation management and addressing what is critical to quality, we aim to make every relocation a unique and positive experience.

Local moves
As a specialist in cross-border moving it is clear that moves within Pakistan can be handled professionally by Prime Packers & Movers.
Specialized in and confronted with all the challenges of cross-border moving it is clear that moves within Pakistan can also be handled professionally by Prime Packers & Movers. 


With warehouse facilities in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, storing your personal belongings is one of our core services.

When relocating, this is one of the biggest concerns for all parties involved. That is why we only work with the very best specialists available in the field.
Prime Packers & Movers is attentive to the importance of your pet(s). When relocating, this is one of the biggest concerns and challenges for all parties involved. That is why we only work with the very best available specialists in this field.
An increasing number of pets are being shipped internationally. Rules and regulations, including customs requirements are tight and frequently changing. The sentimental attachment to your pet is such that you want to exclude all elements of surprise. This is why - while coordinating the transport of your pet and your household goods - we use experts for the transportation of your pet(s). The team of specialists involved have daily contacts with the local customs authorities, the veterinaries, the designated people at the airlines, the quarantine and pet-home specialists.
Prime Packers & Movers experience and relationship with professional and specialized "pet-carriers" results in peace of mind for the pet owner.

Global move management

A global network of certified high quality movers combined with a strong local presence allows us to manage moves from any origin to any destination in the world.


Your personal belongings need adequate insurance cover from door-to-door or when in storage. A specific package for household goods moving has been tailored by Prime Packers & Movers.


Where to start? Where are the priorities? Immigration, housing budget, household goods move, car or pet importation, schooling? Obtaining an overview of the process, what to do, what to expect before during and after your relocation, is the best way to start.

Orientation Tour

What is Pakistan really like? Will the whole family like it? What are the schools and houses like? Having a feel for the local way of life is an important part of the decision making process as to whether to accept an international assignment.

Arrival Service

How to go from the airport to the temporary accommodation and to cater for immediate needs upon arrival? Removing the stress of the landing in the new location adds tremendous comfort to the journey and gives a healthy start to the relocation.

Home Search

How to find a house matching the requested criteria and budget? Giving you access to the entire housing market and source the most appropriate houses according to agreed criteria are our key focus. 80% of our transferees find their new home during their first tour.

Temporary Housing

Is there not a better option than a hotel? Having an alternative accommodation solution between the arrival date and the start of the lease for your permanent accommodation is more comfortable that long hotel stays.

Education / child care assistance

International school versus local school? Are there places? Addressing school matters as early as possible in the process is essential. It brings peace of mind to the relocating family to know that the children's needs are taken care of.


How to subscribe to internet? How do I pay the cable, electricity, gas etc. etc. fee? Having the answers to these questions in a timely manner and even handled immediately upon your arrival, gives you the peace of mind for a faster and smoother integration

NGO Services

Prime Packers & Movers is an experienced international and domestic moving partner for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO). Prime Packers & Movers has extensive knowledge and understanding of the logistical challenges, political instability and lack of infrastructure in developing countries and are experts at moving transferees in and out of these areas.

  • Packing Service

  • International Moving

  • Local Shifting Within City

  • Domestic Moving

  • Car Moving

  • Project Handling


Logistic Services

We offers efficient logistic services as logistics and transportation activities have become one of the most critical business functions.

Our professionals are well versed with the latest technology which enables them to meet the requirements of the customers with utmost efficiency.

The logistic services provided by us are economical. Our logistic cell regularly arranges door to door delivery on the specification of the clients.

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